Get Out!!!…….’Together’

  They’ll be periods in the relationship where it’ll sometime feels a bit “stagnant”. Well if that’s how you’re feeling right now, have a meeting with your spouse or lover and just book a trip, ANYWHERE! Sometimes your time schedule or funds may not be where you’d want them to be, but there’s ways of […]

Couples Alert!!!!

   If you sometimes feel the quality time you spend with your significant other just feel a bit stagnant at the moment, I just found some great Conversation Starter questions that will get the communication machine in your relationship flowing again. Keep this cheat sheet around at all times!!!! • If you could store up only […]

Imagination + Belief x Activity = Success

   As children we all had dreams. Dreams of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Fireman, even the President of the United States! etc. As we get older, we become conditioned to our environments and life circumstances that begin to either eat away at our Dreams or actually Inspire us to fulfill them. Since we are talking […]

The Adventure Through the Storm

 Some relationships are just not meant to be, BUT some can definitely be saved!!! The question is if you knew what you knew now, would things be a little bit different? All relationships have their storms. Some can be just showers and others can be Hurricanes. If this world decided to relocate everytime there was a […]

The FUN ZONE of Relationship Education

This site will be a tool for all types that are always looking answers but are looking in the wrong direction. Well as of today look no further. Join us in our journey to help build a loving, healthier, smarter, more FUN couples community that will change the way we see relationships FOREVER~