YOU are the only person that can change your life.

Some people think that only finding love and relationship can change their life and bring them happiness. What they do not realize is that the only person that can do that is right in front of you. We need to start from looking in the mirror and loving ourselves. You cannot be happy with anyone […]

Everyday is a new day to LOVE

Our spouse will experience the growth throughout our adults lives.  Therefore there will be differences that will come across but getting through those differences and growing together is what makes a couple have that special bond that cannot be broken by anything or anybody.  Giving ourselves the opportunity to learn new things about our spouse […]

“Men speak ‘Male’ and Women speak ‘Female'”

Men and Women speak two different languages and it’s our job to learn them in order to have more understanding for each other. It goes for everybody, either if you are in relationship or not.  If we can sit at school and learn foreign languages, I don’t see a problem why can’t we learn “male […]