“The Primary Love Needs Of Women And Men”

Some great tips from book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” by John Gray. We all should know that men and women need different things. All we have to do to make our relationship work, either if it is marriage, friendship, parenthood, relationship with your siblings is to take time and learn those […]

The FUN ZONE of Relationship Education

This site will be a tool for all types that are always looking answers but are looking in the wrong direction. Well as of today look no further. Join us in our journey to help build a loving, healthier, smarter, more FUN couples community that will change the way we see relationships FOREVER~

“Men speak ‘Male’ and Women speak ‘Female'”

Men and Women speak two different languages and it’s our job to learn them in order to have more understanding for each other. It goes for everybody, either if you are in relationship or not.  If we can sit at school and learn foreign languages, I don’t see a problem why can’t we learn “male […]