Couples Alert!!!!

   If you sometimes feel the quality time you spend with your significant other just feel a bit stagnant at the moment, I just found some great Conversation Starter questions that will get the communication machine in your relationship flowing again. Keep this cheat sheet around at all times!!!! • If you could store up only […]

Perfectly Imperfect

If you looking for a perfect person, you can stop right now. There is no such thing as “perfect person” and “perfect relationship”, but there are imperfect people that we can see perfectly. Flaws shouldn’t be a reason to reject people, we need to start learning how to accept them and live with them. Give […]

Imagination + Belief x Activity = Success

   As children we all had dreams. Dreams of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Fireman, even the President of the United States! etc. As we get older, we become conditioned to our environments and life circumstances that begin to either eat away at our Dreams or actually Inspire us to fulfill them. Since we are talking […]

Avoid stress in your life At All Cost!!!

We already have enough stress in our lives and relationships shouldn’t be one of them. It should actually be the opposite. People that we love and we care about, shouldn’t be the ones that bring stress to our lives. They should be the ones that bring peace and joy, that motivate us to be a […]


If we were all to go about life selecting our potential lovers based on how they make you feel and not only based on color, there would be a higher partnership success rate than it is today. When you become very “picky” or “extremely selective”, you lower your odds on the quest for True Love […]