Imagination + Belief x Activity = Success


As children we all had dreams. Dreams of becoming a Doctor, Lawyer, Fireman, even the President of the United States! etc. As we get older, we become conditioned to our environments and life circumstances that begin to either eat away at our Dreams or actually Inspire us to fulfill them.

Since we are talking about relationships, most of our “Relationship Dreams” is to be married with a beautiful functional family. Now to get there, it will require an individual effort of mastering the craft of Positive Personal Development. Now, is it easy? Hell No!!!, absolutely nothing great comes without great effort.  That’s why many couples are struggling to maintain a happy home. And with so many distractions nowadays like Social Media, Jobs, and TV shows that we can’t keep count of, these are all factors that take away our precious time to focus on the most important task which is you know it….OURSELVES.

To change the direction of where we want our new era to be, it starts with each of us sacrifing one distraction at time and using that time for ourselves. Even if its 30 minutes a day, building that habit of self development will gradually change our beliefs that we can be successful in anything we want. 

With a combination of being a product of our environment (Natural) and sacrifing a small portion of the day mastering the tools for success and discipline (Unnatural), you will be on your way to putting yourself back on track to becoming the best Man/Woman/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Father/Mother/Husband/Wife we all dreamed we WILL be.

~K.O Forever~

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