Couples Alert!!!!


 If you sometimes feel the quality time you spend with your significant other just feel a bit stagnant at the moment, I just found some great Conversation Starter questions that will get the communication machine in your relationship flowing again. Keep this cheat sheet around at all times!!!!

• If you could store up only one hour’s worth of memory in your mind, which hour of our marriage would you want to remember?

• If you could have witnessed any biblical event, which one would you choose?

• When do you feel most loved?

• Which strengths in your life bring you the greatest satisfaction?

• What is the best way for me to encourage you?

• What time of day is best for us to talk?

• If we could just drop what we’re doing and go do something fun, what would it be?

• What is one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done?

• In your opinion, what makes a great parent?

• What are five essential values we want our children to embrace above all others?

• What can we do as a couple to change the world in which we live?

• What goals would you like us to accomplish in our marriage in the next year? … five years? … ten years?

From the book: Creative Conversation Starters for Couples, written by Robert and Pamela Crosby, published by Honor Books 


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