The Adventure Through the Storm

 Some relationships are just not meant to be, BUT some can definitely be saved!!! The question is if you knew what you knew now, would things be a little bit different?

All relationships have their storms. Some can be just showers and others can be Hurricanes. If this world decided to relocate everytime there was a storm in our area, we would have a world full of wasted land that has potential to build something special within.

We can compare the same with the relationships we have with our loved ones as well. The bigger the storm, the more severe damage it will have with rebuilding our relationships with eachother. But that also depends on how BIG you perceive the storm to be. A problem in one couple’s relationship may not be as severe as it may be in another couple’s relationship.

A great way of figuring out what/who may cause major damage to the bond that will build the relationship is to spend time going across these topics together during the beginning of the relationship. But if you already have some time invested, it’s never too late. Have a sit down or two with your lover and create the blueprint that will help create a strong, healthy, moral bond for hopefully a Lifetime.


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