4 Reasons to Spend Money On Experiences, Not Possessions

Travel, travel and once again TRAVEL! Buying new things for yourself might be great but is it better than exploring new places and creating memories??? http://www.travelthewholeworld.org/2015/07/4-reasons-to-spend-money-on-experiences-not-possessions.html?m=1 ~K.O FOREVER~

We’re BACK!!!

Life gets a little overwhelming with our jobs, bills, children if you have, and all the distractions that come in between (TV, social media, etc).  Investing some time and money from all the hard work achieved into a week or two vacation or quick getaway is a vital way to press the reset button for […]

Get Out!!!…….’Together’

  They’ll be periods in the relationship where it’ll sometime feels a bit “stagnant”. Well if that’s how you’re feeling right now, have a meeting with your spouse or lover and just book a trip, ANYWHERE! Sometimes your time schedule or funds may not be where you’d want them to be, but there’s ways of […]