Keep Walking

If you are on the right path of life look ahead and keep moving forward. Do not look back, there is nothing back there that will help you moving. Do not stop neither, even if it gets harder and you feel like you need a brake, do not take it, it is better to walk […]

Future Has a Lot To Offer

Never let obstacles stand on your way to happiness. Is it easy?  No!  Is it worth it?  Yes!!! No matter what is going on in your life now, always remember to move forward. Do not “stuck” in the same place, thinking it is not going to happen, because eventually it will. Do not let negativity […]

The Adventure Through the Storm

┬áSome relationships are just not meant to be, BUT some can definitely be saved!!!┬áThe question is if you knew what you knew now, would things be a little bit different? All relationships have their storms. Some can be just showers and others can be Hurricanes. If this world decided to relocate everytime there was a […]

The FUN ZONE of Relationship Education

This site will be a tool for all types that are always looking answers but are looking in the wrong direction. Well as of today look no further. Join us in our journey to help build a loving, healthier, smarter, more FUN couples community that will change the way we see relationships FOREVER~

YOU are the only person that can change your life.

Some people think that only finding love and relationship can change their life and bring them happiness. What they do not realize is that the only person that can do that is right in front of you. We need to start from looking in the mirror and loving ourselves. You cannot be happy with anyone […]