If we were all to go about life selecting our potential lovers based on how they make you feel and not only based on color, there would be a higher partnership success rate than it is today. When you become very “picky” or “extremely selective”, you lower your odds on the quest for True Love […]

Keep Walking

If you are on the right path of life look ahead and keep moving forward. Do not look back, there is nothing back there that will help you moving. Do not stop neither, even if it gets harder and you feel like you need a brake, do not take it, it is better to walk […]

Future Has a Lot To Offer

Never let obstacles stand on your way to happiness. Is it easy?  No!  Is it worth it?  Yes!!! No matter what is going on in your life now, always remember to move forward. Do not “stuck” in the same place, thinking it is not going to happen, because eventually it will. Do not let negativity […]

“The Primary Love Needs Of Women And Men”

Some great tips from book “Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus” by John Gray. We all should know that men and women need different things. All we have to do to make our relationship work, either if it is marriage, friendship, parenthood, relationship with your siblings is to take time and learn those […]