“Honeymoon Stage” is OVER…..Now what???

During the course of our lives, we ll be involved in relationships Good, Bad, and sometimes Ugly. But never take them for granted, take them as a LESSON. These experiences mold and shape us into the Man/Woman that will be prepared to spend the rest of our lives with that significant other.

Now! Skipping forward to the Honeymoon Stage of our relationships. When everything looks perfect, everything feels perfect, and the love feels like a never ending addicting drug, but when that slows down, that’s where most people freeze and don’t know how the keep the love flowing.

That stage of a relationship is like getting high off a drug that feels good but only Temporarily. Then when you WAKE UP, and the high is gone, that’s when couples have to make their decision of weather to continue the relationship, or end the joy ride of ecstasy.

If you decide to stay, It’s time to go to WORK! It’s time to evaluate your mate’s character. It’s time to learn you’re mate’s Love Language. You have to learn what will make you’re mate fall in love with you time and time again. There may be some bumps down the road due trial and error, but with focus and continued dedication, with daily effort toward learning each other’s Love Languages, you will be a step ahead of millions that are blaming the world for their on going failed relationships when the ones that should be responsible are THEMSELVES.



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