It’s Valentine’s Day, now what?

New York City:

It’s cold, it’s windy, and it’s just ugly outside, the man or woman is feeling the pressure to go out, maybe to watch a movie, have a romantic dinner at an upscale restaurant, or maybe go ice skating at the Rockefeller Ice Skating Rink, but then both of you look at each other, take a deep breath, and then realize it’s just another day!

You come back to your senses and realize everyday is another day to celebrate love and it’s up to you as a couple to just go with the flow, especially to what mother nature is offering you.

So if it’s cold and ugly out, there’s plenty of options of fun, romantic,  and not to mention “low cost” activities to do right at home. For example a homemade romantic dinner/breakfast or dessert  would make the day worthwhile, or spending quality time playing a boardgame, putting together a puzzle, or watching romantic movies drinking some wine also does the trick. And the best part of night is that making love at the end of it all is absolutely priceless.

So in conclusion, always remember that if you take advantage of celebrating love on as many days as possible, Valentines Day would be just another special moment enjoy each other, no matter the location, nor circumstance.