~K.O~ Get to know Us

~K.O FOREVER~ originates from our last names Kmieciak (Polish) and Obeng (Ghanaian). As a  young married interracial couple, we’ve grown together to realize you are not only born with a great abundance of Love, but as we grow, Love in all aspects sometimes slowly deteriorates due to life’s circumstances. Therefore Love also becomes a skill that has to be mastered and embedded in our hearts and minds for the rest of our lives if we all as people want to view the world as we envision it to be.

As you join us on this blog, (in some fun and serious ways), we’ll deliver many solutions to questions about Love in relationships and Love within ourselves that many are seeking but don’t know who or how to ask. This world doesn’t exist without Love, so it’s about time we all live like it.Paris France


Ania & Ray Obeng

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